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11 Disember 2013

Simple Segmen by IKA



1. If i woke up one morning and find myself had switched bodies with someone i know, i will run out of the house without anyone knowing it and head straight to the person who I had switched my body with (if I know who that person is)

2. If i have to be an animal, i would choose to be a bird because I like the sound of birds (I hope nobody will shoot me while I'm flying)

3. If i had only 24 hours to live, i will write a letter and hide somewhere, say sorry to everyone I know, give back all the stuffs I borrowed, finish reading my current novel, go to the places I would love to go for the last time and at last, go to the beach and sit there alone, wait for the time (if I have extra time after all this, I'll prefer going on a roller coaster and the pirate revenge so that I can experience the feel of my teeth going off and see the world "kilabret" for the last time)

4. If a classmate asked me for the answer to a question during an exam while the teacher was not looking, i will look at her with a blur face and pretend to not understand what she really wants (don't ask why I put "she" instead of "he".. I'm from a girl's school.. no guy classmate)

5. If the whole world were listening to me, i will say hi (I had no idea what to say)

6. If i am a rich person, i will buy a lot of novels and make a mini library in my room, buy myself a flute and a piano and a keyboard, go for classes- whatever class, cooking, sewing, drawing, painting, music lessons, swimming, etc..., keep some money in the bank, buy more houses and rent to some humans so that my money will keep growing to do the stuffs I will state after this statement, donate money to whatever organisation needed.. I mean the really need one laa.. like the poor and not a lot of people want to donate one.. (That is what MIGHT happen if I suddenly happen to be rich..)

7.  If i am an ice cream, i will choose mango flavor because I had no idea why.. just love that fruit =) (but it doesn't matter cause I will end up melt or as a poop)

8. If someone's underwear was showing, i will turn away (I couldn't stand that look)

9. If i can change one of the bad habits that i have, i would change the weird things I always do (people say I'm weird. I try to change but I don't know how)

10. If i am a superhero, i would like to be Cindy (the girl I imagined I am a few years ago)

11. If a film director made a movie of my life, i would like to play as myself (I actually don't understand this question.. haha..)

12. If were invited to have a tea with the queen of england, i would say dude, I think you invite the wrong person.. if you happen to lost your way here, at my mental asylum, you can go straight to that route, turn left and that's the way out..

13. If i were the president of the united states, the problem or concern would i work on first is the wrong president they choose.

14. If i had to describe myself using three words, it would be human, organism, crazy.

15. If i could be anybody besides myself, i would be still myself =)


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