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29 Mac 2015


As promised, I am going to type this post in English. Sorry people, it has been such a long time since I've visited my blog. I will become active in blogging once again, maybe in another few days' time. This post will be in full English, as what I've promised a friend of mine.

There was this girl from my school. We were doing a lot of crazy stuffs together since form 3. Whoever read my blog last year should be familiar with this name. Yes! Who else is it if it is not.. MS. SUN RU..

There was this assembly on the first day of school after a week off, where she had tons of story to tell. Yeah.. and out of a sudden, she started a topic about this blog. She said she promoted my blog to a friend of hers (not to mention the name), and he/her was going nuts because everything here is in Malay.

"Can't she type something in English?" Well, that's what Sun Ru had told me. Yup, challenge accepted..

By the way, sorry for the Oh My English.. as you wish, this is the post. There is nothing actually, just the lame story about you and your comment xD

P/S: Please ha, nobody ask me to type in Mandarin ha.. hahahahaha