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12 Januari 2014

First contest by coolpixxxx


What people need in life?

Soalan yang bagus. You have a life. You live with your life. LOLz.. Whenever people ask you, "What you love?" "My life." "What makes you happy?" "My life." "What are you afraid of?" "My life." "What makes you stress?" "My life." "What is the most important thing to you?" "My life." "What is the first word that appear in your mind whenever you hear the word exam?" Still, the answer is "Life."

This is how life is important to us.. LOLz~

Now, what people need in life?

You ask me? Ask yourself. What YOU NEED in YOUR LIFE..

1. Love?

When you said it.. what does that mean? Love doesn't mean couple loves, etc. Please lah.. There are more, family, friendship, even love between us and nature.. yes, love is important, just as how you learn to love your life, even IF it is miserable to you. Yeah.. you see, everyday in the news, people jump, people kill themselves.. Hey, if you love your life, that won't happen, dude!

2. Money?

Different people think differently.. Some people think money is so important, they risk their life for it. Yes, it is important nowadays. Even if you want to use the public toilet, you have to pay, right? Of course.. if you don't want to pay and go in, just go and stand near the longkang and pee there lah! Money for food? Yes.. Shelter? Of course.. Clothes? You don't want to walk around naked, don't you? Yes.. realiti hidup yang menyedihkan.. haha.. just go back to Zaman Neolitik and stay there.. you plant, you eat.. you plant, you exchange with your mates.. no money-money.. nowadays is harder.. no money no talk :3 But money is worth when you get it with your hard work.. even 1 ringgit, you will be happy for it because it is your hard work, trust me. Don't go and show your knife to someone and ask for THEIR money just because I say it is important.. Work for it..

3. Positive thinking

Yeah, you think positive, you act positive. Even if you doesn't like that single thing, if you think positive, you will start to like it, trust me. It work out most of the time. But don't la go and take drug and say that I said even if you hate it, you think positive and try so you will love it. Please lah. You have brain, you use it.

4. Patience

Patience? Yes. It is very important. Without it, you won't last long. Why I say so? Ha, just imagine if a person do something bad to you. You are so angry you just poke that human with a knife. Then you get into jail. Siapa boleh terima kenyataan bahawa dirinya masuk lokap? Masa depan hancur berkecai, orang kata.. *even sometimes it is not very true.. haha* Then got la cubaan-cubaan membunuh diri. Or example, you want to cross the road. Sooo lazy to wait. Don't care la, just walk straight and *^!@*&#(!#)!* [No patience] As simple as that. That is why patience is important. Biar lambat, asalkan selamat...

5. Family?

Yes. Family is important. Very important. But it doesn't mean that without family you will die. Have you even visited any of the home for orphans? Pity them. Appreciate you family. You will never know their importance or how they sacrifice for you until they have gone.

6. Plants

Without plants, we don't have oxygen. Without oxygen, we will die. As simple as that. Maybe you can say we can create oxygen. Hmm.. I believe that even I don't know whether it is true or not. Hey, zaman sudah maju ! But you don't want to carry oxygen tank with you wherever you go, right? Plant la something at your house.. decoration what.. you want to make a jungle also can but make sure that you don't need to play hide-and-seek with the tigers..

7. Knowledge

This one important. Get as much as possible. It is important wherever you go. Exams, debate, even how to use a gas stove is considered a knowledge. You don't want to explode yourself and your house together with all the stuffs, don't you?

8. A GOOD Memory

A good memory is important. You cannot remember, you fail your history xD You couldn't remember, you can kill yourself. "I think I forget to do something.." "But.. what??" *thinking hard* "OMG! The stove!!" *suddenly the phone rang* BOOM.. Gone.. Remember.. remember.. very important !!

9. Thoroughness

This point is nearly the same as no. 8.. veli important also :P

10. A pen.

Eh? Orang zaman dahulu tak perlu pula pen? Eh.. tolonglah.. zaman sudah maju, beb.. Cer tengok yang ini..

Bila hilang Pen, Takde pen
Takde pen, takde nota
Takde nota, tak study
Tak study, gagal
Gagal, Takde Diploma
Takde Diploma, Takde Keje
Takde keje, Takde Duit
Takde duit, Takde makanan
Takde makanan, jadi kurus
Kurus, muka jadi Hodoh
Hodoh, terus takde kekasih
Takde kekasih, Tak kawin
Tak kawin, Takde anak
Takde anak, sunyi
Sunyi, rasa tertekan
Tertekan, terus sakit
Sakit, Terus mati.

#WARNING!!# Jangan hilangkan pen...............................

Saya main tembak je entri ini.. Maaf kalau ada yang tak betul atau ada yang terasa.. :)

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