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08 Jun 2015

CGL Musical Drama

Well, I did mention that I was going to watch a Musical Drama, didn't I? Yep, I did. The Musical Drama- The Camera Never Lies by SMK Convent Green Lane in Dewan Budaya, USM. Well, it was indeed a great experience for me, my first time in that university. Never thought a university could be so big. I felt as if it is just another huge city I am in.

I spent about 15 minutes looking for Dewan Budaya and asked 3 people for direction in total. What a failure I am ^^" Finally, found Dewan Budaya and my senior who agrees to watch the drama with me. The first question I asked was "Is it only USM or all universities are just so big?" She said only USM. That was when I made the decision not to study in USM in the future.

We entered the hall at exactly 8pm. I was amazed by the hall, especially the stage. It looks like a cinema. That is just my first time stepping in there. We randomly sat down and waited. It was seriously awkward when everyone around us were talking selfie. The group of teen girls behind us were posing for a wefie and I heard "*laughs* someone must press the button! *laughs*". The group of guys in front of us were talking wefie too.

I took out my phone and as usual, I won't take a picture of myself or my friends. Click!

My senior was like "What is the function of taking picture of that now?" and I laughed. That answers :) There was actually an attempt of taking selfies but the lighting was bad so we gave up. The whole night, only a picture of the stage and I'm proud xD

The drama was awesome but I don't really like the ending. It just doesn't seems like an ending~ But overall I did not even regret going there. Good job, peeps! We even jokingly said that for the next 2 days the actors and actresses would not have voice because they were just so into the acting that they raised their voice like.....hmm.. JYEAH~

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