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11 Jun 2014

The Liebster Award 3

Hai :)

*Tadaa* hahaha.. kena tag lagi :3 Kepada siapa yang rajin nak terjah boleh pergi dekat The Liebster Award dan The Liebster Award 2.. hahaha~ Promote kemain :3 Cik Wanie sila bersabar ye.. hehehe entry dalam proses :3 Kali ini kena tag oleh (OhMyBM) hehehe Kak Alyani dalam entri Liebster Award Nomination :) OMG OMG This entry is fully English *tabik sepling*

So yeah. Now I'm gonna start typing in English. Say bye to the red lines below the words :3 Here we go~

The questions are:-

  • You ware born in which month?
  • July :)
  • Do you have someone special in your life? If you do, who? state the person name..
  • Everyone is special just because we are all awesome ^_^ You too, are special, sis Alyani :)
  • what kind of person that you hate most??
  • I'm not very sure about this. Well I seldom hate people.. just follow the flow ^^ If I am very angry with that person, until I cannot take it only I will say I hate him/her.. but after a few hours I forget everything xD
  • Who is your best friends forever? state only 1 name.. if she/he has blog... so tag them =D
  • I don't use this phrase best friend forever because we don't know what is going to happen in the future. If you said that and suddenly something happen so yeah it is not forever. *not that I ask for bad things to happen la* It's like you owed him/her the 'forever'. Sorry, I'm just a bit too particular about this word 'forever' :)
  • According to the name that you mention above, tell he/she your hope or wish on your relation..
  • Well, since I did not state anyone's name in the previous question, this message is for everyone I know :) I hope our relationship will last long.....
  • When your 1st and last meeting with ur Bestfriend?
  • I don't know.. seriously :) Sorry :3 I seriously have no sense of date, day and time xD
  • Are you studying now?? where??
  • Yes. I'm studying in St. George's Girls' School, Penang, Malaysia (secondary- form 3)
  • Do you love your teacher??
  • Yes, of course I do :)
  • Do you wish to become a teacher just like your favorite teacher?explain.
  • I used to but now.. em.. haha.. just um.. LOLz
  • When last time you meet ur favorite teacher?
  • The last time I meet a teacher is today and all the teachers are my favourite teachers :) [one thing you have to know about me, I never be specific]
  • State your favorite teacher name =D
  • Hurmmmmmm............................ Life. Life is eveything. A life. Yes, life is a life. An incident, a story and a teacher as well. You learn from life. A lot :')

  • Well.. I'm very lazy to tag.. but I still want to tag :p So yea, here are the 11 questions awaiting you :p

    1. What is your definition for life?
    2. What do you do when you get to know that someone hates you?
    3. What do you think is your biggest commitment in life?
    4. What is your favourite subject (when you were) in school?
    5. Have you ever met a person who you think is extra-inordinary that you can't forget him/her in your life?
    6. One of your bad habit?
    7. How often do you exercise?
    8. How do you spend your free time?
    9. What is your favourite movie(s)?
    10. Which language do you use the most?
    11. Do you like a blog with songs or it's annoying to you?


    12 ulasan:

    1. not bad hihi baru tahu yun sing ni form 3 ingatkan form 4 macam tu hee

      1. Boleh tahan.. beza 1 tahun je andaian tu.. haha tapi kan.. *tunjuk dekat muka sendiri* saya ni nampak 1 tahun lebih tua ke? hihihih..

    2. hoyehh kena tag lg.. ahaha. birthday sama bulan la. heee

      1. Hahaha.. excited nak tag ni :p LOL berapa haribulan? Kite punya seven eleven xD

      2. hahaha.. jgn tag sy dah la :P 4/7 ! yeahh boleh buat doodle kek lg

      3. Jgn risau yang dah kena tag kite tak tag dah :p hahaha..

    3. So I need to write too? Haha!

      1. LOL some sort like that :) Hahaha.. As you wish.. ^^

    4. oh St. George's ..adik sis ada kawan di situ..same age as you :)

      1. Owh really? Apa namanya? Mungkin kite kenal :)

      2. adik kata kwn nye aimi syazana kot.. dulu diorang skola convent sekali masa primary :D

      3. Aww.. aww.. kite kenal :D Tapi tak pernah berbual la katakan.. since form 1 tak sama kelas..