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21 Julai 2014

10 Day Challenge: Day 1

10 day blog challenge

  1. To my mum, if you keep on calling me with my niece's name, I'll disappear one day =,="
  2. To my classmate Sun Ru, I know you might read this post and you might not since it's exam but I wanna say this.. Don't laugh at me for looking for challenge again =,="
  3. To my Geography teacher, please do not mark my workbook in the middle of the night. I knew suspect you were doing that.
  4. To my History teacher, by the time this post is out, the PT3 project is long over so I wanna thank you for breaking into my dream and yell at me for not finishing my work during the project period.
  5. To my friend Zhi Jie, I'm looking forward for your "present" after raya. I hope it is bad enough ^^
  6. To the budak stress exam, I wish you luck for PT3. Don't get too tensed up. On facebook after PT3. It've been months since I chat with you.
  7. To all PT3 candidates, good luck for the so called exam. I wish there wouldn't be any PT5 when we are in Form 5. I want SPM hahaha and the RIP PMR..
  8. To all human in the world, live happily and smile everyday ^^
  9. To the blog readers, thanks for coming here :D
  10. To whoever reading this, I don't really know what to say now so.. *gosok gigi*

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  1. wah..luahan ati ni..bagus jgn simpan2...

  2. Balasan
    1. Haha sebab tak tau nak cakap apa.. just imagine me walking past the room while *gosok gigi*-ing xD

    2. haha..muka blur? Yun Sing ni la..macam macam.

    3. Buat lagi muka blur xD Haha.. macam-macam~

  3. Im reading it now & commenting here~ :3

  4. Im reading it now & commenting here~ :3

  5. goodluck ya pt3 nanti :D

  6. PT3 tu yg rasa nk pengsan buat mangsa2 tahun ni.. ahaha.. kurangkan blogging ni

    1. Hahaha.. jadi tikus makmal memang tak best :3

    2. hahahah.. comel sgt xsampai hati nk operate

    3. Hahaha baguslah.. jangan operate T_T *buat muka comel*