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19 Julai 2014

Blue or Red?

Hai :)

Sedang menscroll wall fb terjumpa pic ini.. saja nak kongsi sebab rasa ni unik.. (unik memang unik.. satu lagi sebab nak cari idea post xD )

If I take the red pill, I would be able to do as I always hope. I wish to speak mandarin correctly.. (Now I'm speaking the broken one my mum taught me when I was a kid) And I hope I will be able to speak Hokkein and Cantonese fluently. You know, the feeling when you understand every single shit people say when they're speaking that language but sadly you can't speak. And yes, of course my BM.. god sake.. GAGAP xD And le OhMaiEngelis xD I also wished to learn other language like Tamil, Thai, Japanese and Korean.

If I take the blue pill.. hmm.. imagine.. but instrument is not only about musical instruments right.. I mean all the instruments? 0,0 OMG!! I can get my degree cert for everything hahaha *evil laugh* and people will ask me how I do that in only 15 years (err..)

Yea, really, both of these are really my dream.. you ask me to choose one pill? You have to know I'm really bad at choosing. I think if this man exist in front of me and ask me to choose one, I'll bow and go away. "No, thanks." Success is nothing without hard work. The process is what makes the achievement worth it :)

So, now, people.. which pill will you choose, huh? :P

16 ulasan:

  1. krungkrung pilih red pill hoyeahh !!

  2. Takmo pilih dua2. Takot tengok cam poison je. Hehe..

  3. Klik Nuff second - Pinkstilletoes.

  4. ill take the red one hihiks.. i would love to master more languages than know how to play instruments..

  5. hey!..if you didnt put your name here tak tau pun you chinese :)

  6. red kot..heee ley travel merata :D

  7. hoho.. hokkien and siamese still gagap.

  8. Wow, ada orang duk post quote~ oosing. Success is nothing without hard work. The process is what makes the achievement worth it~ But nice quote though :D

    1. Wow ada orang repost quote nampak :p Quote originally from my brain xD Thx btw..