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14 Disember 2013

Peng you (Friend) English version :)

Years ago we agreed
That great friends we would be
Though we were quite naïve
But it’s not hard to believe
Every day, every year
With each laugh, with each tear
Meant so much more to me with you there

*(Friendship will grow day by day
Even when we’re far away
I know we’ll be okay
Friends forever we’ll stay
Though the future’s still unknown
I will never be alone
Though we change
Though we’ve grown
In my heart is our home)

Time has passed, we’ve grown up
Sharing home, sharing love
Because faith helped us through
I know I can count on you
In your eyes I can see
How we fit perfectly
Best of friends, always be you and me

Repeat *

peng you yi sheng yi qi zou
na xie ri zi bu zai you
yi ju hua   yi bei zi
yi sheng qing   yi bei jiu
peng you bu ceng gu dan guo
yi sheng peng you ni hui dong
hai you shang   hai you tong
hai yau zou   hai you wo

yi ju hua   yi bei zi
yi sheng qing   yi bei jiu

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