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29 Disember 2013

What Flavor Macaroon Are You?

What flavor macaroon are you? You wanna know? Try it out over here! There you go ! ^_^

My result:

You Are a Chocolate Macaroon Auch, really? :P

You have an appetite for adventure. You would roam the whole world if you could. OMG so true xD
You are courageous and willing to act. You won't waste your life dreaming instead of doing. I'll do both, dreaming and doing.. Most probably dreaming while doing.. (Hehe)

You have always had an independent spirit, and at times you can be downright defiant. You don't like being told no. Maybe?
You are drawn to anything dramatic. You aren't easily overwhelmed, and you like to be right in the mix. Is it so? Wow.. just knew that :P

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